Guest Post: Why Everyone Should Stand with Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Justice

Written by Karie Holton Over the past several weeks, Planned Parenthood has been hit with a series of attacks meant to expose and terrorize the organization and those who support it. The attacks range from attempted cyber infiltration that would result in the exposure of sensitive employee data to sting videos released by an anti-abortion […]

Another year, another fight to expand Medicaid

Three bills to expand Medicaid coverage in Louisiana will be heard by the legislature tomorrow.  This is one of the most important issues currently facing our state, particularly in light of our current budget crisis.  The fight is so important that our hospitals are now attempting to move legislators on the issue.  The plan was outlined […]

5 things Louisiana must fund for the sake of our future

The first day of the 2015 Louisiana legislative session is two weeks away, and things are already starting to heat up at the Capitol. As the Appropriations Committee continues to meet and discuss the state budget, we’ll continue to advocate for responsible, common sense policy solutions and programs that have the potential to make a […]

Criminalizing Motherhood: Louisiana, Addiction, and the Undoing of Women’s Civil Rights

As “pro-life” (or anti-choice) as our state is, you’d think our legislators would be doing all they could to support women during their pregnancies. Passing livable wage laws (or any minimum wage law at all), expanding Medicaid, promoting maternity leave policies, and increasing access to affordable childcare. These are all policies that support pregnant women […]

Campus Sexual Assault: A View from Louisiana

Sexual assault on college campuses has gained increased national attention in recent years. Numerous studies have shown that female students are at high risk for experiencing rape and sexual assault during their time in college. Despite this awareness, campus sexual assault remains a troubling and frequent experience for many female students, despite various policy and […]

Medicaid expansion in Louisiana

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the eligibility of Medicaid was expanded to include nearly all-low income individuals with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level ($27,310 for a family of three). The Affordable Care Act was designed to have those with moderate incomes purchase insurance using tax credits through […]

Guest Post: NLC: Recruiting and Training the Next Generation of Progressive Political Entrepreneurs

David Gray and Racheal Hebert serve as the Co-Directors of the Louisiana chapter of the New Leaders Council.  Louisiana is consistently cited as one of the best places in the world for amazing food, strong culture and plenty of natural resources. But the Pelican State also has historically ranked near the bottom on many important […]

The Affordable Care Act: One Year Later

This time last year, we were circulating information about how the Affordable Care Act could benefit hundreds of thousands of Louisianans.  The provisions of the ACA that we were particularly taken with included: Providing coverage for people with pre-existing conditions Prohibiting insurance companies from canceling coverage for cancer patients or people living with HIV or […]

5 Reasons Why LGBT People Need to Vote this November

I love politics, so it is no surprise that I’ve been following the upcoming elections very closely. There is just something really enjoyable about following the developing stories, keeping tabs on campaign ads, and scrolling through the latest tweets, I suppose. But not everyone needs to be a political junkie like me in order to […]

Working Toward Decriminalization: Why Having HIV is Not a Crime

On Sunday, Vox put out a report titled “What It’s Like to Have HIV in 2014.” The aim of the report was to highlight some of the pervasive myths about people living with HIV. Here are some highlights: An alarmingly high rate of people believe that HIV can be transmitted through saliva, touching a toilet […]