Reflections on the Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

It’s time to talk about one of Louisiana’s bottom-ranking statistics: the pay disparity between men and women. You may already know that, on average in the US, women make 79% of what men make, but in Louisiana it’s much worse than that. In 2014, the median earnings for women in Louisiana were $31,586, compared to men […]

8/29/05—8/29/15: “Progress without equity is injustice”

The title of this post comes from, a project of the Advancement Project and Friends and Families of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children. Please visit their website for more information on racial equity and recovery efforts.  Just a few hours before the storm was expected to make landfall, my family packed up our cars with little more […]

Guest Post: Why Everyone Should Stand with Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Justice

Written by Karie Holton Over the past several weeks, Planned Parenthood has been hit with a series of attacks meant to expose and terrorize the organization and those who support it. The attacks range from attempted cyber infiltration that would result in the exposure of sensitive employee data to sting videos released by an anti-abortion […]

Guest Post: Open Letter to Louisiana State Senators on Equal Pay

Dear Senators, You have the chance today to take a stand for fairness and equality by voting for SB 219 (Murray). Women who make up almost half the workforce and close to 40% of the heads of households in this country are working at a terrible disadvantage in our state. Louisiana is not just at […]

Dazed and confused: The absurdity of Louisiana’s marijuana criminalization laws

This legislative session, marijuana criminalization policy is up for major debate. A number of proposals have been put forth to either reduce the sentencing requirements for possession of marijuana or allow the public to decide if marijuana should remain criminalized. While there are numerous arguments to be made on both sides of the marijuana legalization […]

Louisiana and the Continuing Battle for Equal Pay

The issues of equal pay for women and specifically pay discrimination protections for women have been receiving increased national attention. April 14th of this year marked Equal Pay Day and sparked a nation-wide conversation about how we are failing women in our country. Decades of research have shown that when all factors are equalized, women […]

Frequently asked questions about HB 707: “The Marriage and Conscience Act.”

Who is covered by this bill? For-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches and religious organizations, and individual people. What will this bill provide legal protection for? This bill provides legal protections for anyone to act on the basis of a religious or moral conviction regarding marriage without being disadvantaged in any way by the state. Specifically: […]

Criminalizing Motherhood: Louisiana, Addiction, and the Undoing of Women’s Civil Rights

As “pro-life” (or anti-choice) as our state is, you’d think our legislators would be doing all they could to support women during their pregnancies. Passing livable wage laws (or any minimum wage law at all), expanding Medicaid, promoting maternity leave policies, and increasing access to affordable childcare. These are all policies that support pregnant women […]

Campus Sexual Assault: A View from Louisiana

Sexual assault on college campuses has gained increased national attention in recent years. Numerous studies have shown that female students are at high risk for experiencing rape and sexual assault during their time in college. Despite this awareness, campus sexual assault remains a troubling and frequent experience for many female students, despite various policy and […]

One Reason Why Progressives Lost Louisiana’s Swing Voters

Earlier this month, Senator Mary Landrieu lost her re-election bid to Representative Bill Cassidy by 12 points. Is this the end of the line for progressives in Louisiana? And how did progressives reach this point? There are two issues that moved Louisiana’s swing voters, Acadiana Catholics, from Democrats to Republicans: abortion and social welfare spending. […]