An Interview with Jane Williams about Safe Disposal Technologies

The following is an interview conducted by Frances Kelley of Louisiana Progress Action with Jane Williams. Jane Williams is the executive director of California Communities Against Toxics.  She chairs the Sierra Club’s National Air Toxics Taskforce and also does work with Earthjustice.   She reviewed technologies during the chemical weapons demilitarization for ACWA (Assembled Chemical […]

Coastal Wetlands Erosion in Louisiana

Over the past century, Louisiana’s coastal wetlands have suffered a dramatic loss of biodiversity, vegetation, and sediment. What has caused this severe devastation to one of Louisiana’s most important ecosystems? While coastal wetlands typically eventually sink into the ocean through natural processes, the rate of loss has been exponentially accelerated thanks to human intervention.

M6 Propellant Open Burn

M6 is an obsolete propellant formerly used by the military for launching artillery shells in combat. 15 million pounds of M6 propellant were abandoned at the Camp Minden National Guard Base by the now bankrupt Explo Systems. M6 is a highly explosive material and becomes more unstable and dangerous as it degrades over time. Despite local […]

M6 burn at Camp Minden a national tragedy

Carrie Wooten, our Director of Research and Policy, wrote the following Letter to the Editor that was recently published by the Shreveport Times.   The EPA-approved planned open burn of 15 million pounds of M6 artillery propellant at Camp Minden is not just an environmental disaster for Louisiana; it’s a national tragedy. If this open […]

Louisiana Progress Joins National Call To Stop Open Burning of Munitions

Louisiana Progress has joined a broad coalition of more than 70 social and environmental justice organizations from across the U.S. calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the proposed open air burning of 15 million pounds of abandoned M6 propellants at Camp Minden, Louisiana. The campaign supports Louisiana residents, workers and families in […]

Guest Post: NLC: Recruiting and Training the Next Generation of Progressive Political Entrepreneurs

David Gray and Racheal Hebert serve as the Co-Directors of the Louisiana chapter of the New Leaders Council.  Louisiana is consistently cited as one of the best places in the world for amazing food, strong culture and plenty of natural resources. But the Pelican State also has historically ranked near the bottom on many important […]

Guest Post: Open Burn at Camp Minden Could Have Negative Consequences Lasting Generations

Brian A. Salvatore is Professor of Chemistry at LSU Shreveport.  North Louisiana faces an enormous public health risk from the proposed open-tray burn of chemical explosives at Camp Minden. This emergency remediation stems from the illegal storage of 15 million pounds of M6 propellant by Explo Systems at Camp Minden. This represents one of the […]

Programs that Matter: The Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Most Important Conservation Law You (Probably) Never Heard Of Louisiana is famed for its wetlands and wildlife, though history shows that the present natural world is only a shadow of the state’s former natural abundance. Much of what is left can be found in parks, refuges, and public natural areas. Protection of these areas […]

Helping Louisianans Stay Afloat: How Federal Flood Insurance Reform Turned Back Punitive Premiums

Federal policy can be a complicated endeavor.  Sometimes things that read well on paper can fall apart when put into practice.  These situations present perfect opportunities for our legislators to come together to work out real-world solutions.  And as we continue to suffer from the most unproductive Congress in history, any bipartisan victory these days is a […]

Guest blog post: Embarrassing lack of common sense leads state officials to vote against Louisiana

The guest author of this article wishes to remain anonymous. Since Louisiana is already feeling the effects of sea-level rise, you might expect the state to be leading efforts to address climate change. You would be wrong – Louisiana’s fight has been against climate change policy. A number of the state’s political leaders – Governor […]