Guest Post: The Trees Through the Forest: Helping Motivated, Low-Income Youth Access Bright Futures

Lucas Spielfogel is Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition. Over the past twenty years, unprecedented resources and attention have been invested in helping our struggling public education system improve. But, there has been considerably less notice paid to the best students within the system. I get it. With so much going wrong, it’s […]

Progress Fellow organizes summit on African American male educational success

Louisiana Progress Fellow Professor Roland W. Mitchell recently coordinated a tremendously successful event on African American male education achievement at Louisiana State University. The Louisiana Summit for African-American Male Educational Success held on September 19, 2014, highlighted “the successful policies, practices, and collective efforts between schools and communities for developing structures that promote positive educational […]

Our Letter of Support for the Youth PROMISE Act

August 11, 2014 The Honorable Senator Landrieu 703 Hart Senate Office Building Washington D.C., 20510 Louisiana Progress Supports the Youth PROMISE Act Dear Senator Landrieu, On behalf of Louisiana Progress, I would like to express our support for the Youth PROMISE Act. As you know, Louisiana currently has the 18th highest youth incarceration rate in […]

The Youth PROMISE Act and Louisiana: It’s Time for a Change

Louisiana has made great strides to reduce youth incarceration rates in the past 10 years, but we have a long way to go. Despite the fact that Louisiana has reduced youth incarceration rates by 56 percent from 1997 to 2010 , we still have the 18th highest youth incarceration rate of any state. Around two-thirds of youth are […]

From dreams to reality: The Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act

This week, we’ve been paying attention to the Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act, cosponsored by our very own Senator Landrieu, along with Senators Murray (WA) and Baldwin (WI).  This is a national bill that would increase access to higher education for some of our most vulnerable youth.  Homeless children and […]

Sexual Health Education Task Force Report

This legislative report, commissioned through House Concurrent Resolution 90, provides an overview of sexual health education programs used nationwide and in Louisiana, their effectiveness, and policy recommendations based on study findings. The HCR 90 Task Force reviewed data on sexual health education in all 50 states and selected five states with comparable demographic and socio-economic profiles […]

Big Easy, Little Choice: A discussion of New Orleans’ policies of exclusion

The following piece was reblogged with permission from Jennifer Berkshire of EduShyster.  The original story can be found here. Big Easy, Little Choice Is New Orleans-style school choice a model or a cautionary tale? By Ashana Bigard When I talk about *choice* in New Orleans I use quotations with both fingers and I wink too. […]

Resources, racism, and the state of public education: A lesson in St. George

When I sat down to write this blog post, I admittedly had no clue where to begin.  The St. George secession uproar has caused deep angst on numerous levels for Baton Rouge and has incited passionate rhetoric over race and class.  I pass those blue “I’M IN City of St. George Louisiana” signs every day.  […]

Follow The Money: Profits Over People

The heated rhetoric has clearly distorted the story line in Louisiana. With the creation of “crisis” after “crisis” the current administration has all but completely dismantled Louisiana’s public service sector in exchange for free market ideals that offer little if no accountability for tax payers. Most recently Louisiana has seen drastic cuts to higher education […]

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