Dazed and confused: The absurdity of Louisiana’s marijuana criminalization laws

This legislative session, marijuana criminalization policy is up for major debate. A number of proposals have been put forth to either reduce the sentencing requirements for possession of marijuana or allow the public to decide if marijuana should remain criminalized. While there are numerous arguments to be made on both sides of the marijuana legalization […]

Building a Toolkit: Senator Morrell’s Fight Against Campus Sexual Assault

This legislative session, a number of bills are being introduced that aim to address sexual assault in our higher education institutions. Taken together, these bills aim to build a meaningful toolkit for legislators and higher education officials to provide better prevention and response to student survivors of sexual violence. There are two bills being heard […]

5 things Louisiana must fund for the sake of our future

The first day of the 2015 Louisiana legislative session is two weeks away, and things are already starting to heat up at the Capitol. As the Appropriations Committee continues to meet and discuss the state budget, we’ll continue to advocate for responsible, common sense policy solutions and programs that have the potential to make a […]

Criminalizing Motherhood: Louisiana, Addiction, and the Undoing of Women’s Civil Rights

As “pro-life” (or anti-choice) as our state is, you’d think our legislators would be doing all they could to support women during their pregnancies. Passing livable wage laws (or any minimum wage law at all), expanding Medicaid, promoting maternity leave policies, and increasing access to affordable childcare. These are all policies that support pregnant women […]

Campus Sexual Assault: A View from Louisiana

Sexual assault on college campuses has gained increased national attention in recent years. Numerous studies have shown that female students are at high risk for experiencing rape and sexual assault during their time in college. Despite this awareness, campus sexual assault remains a troubling and frequent experience for many female students, despite various policy and […]

Guest Post: NLC: Recruiting and Training the Next Generation of Progressive Political Entrepreneurs

David Gray and Racheal Hebert serve as the Co-Directors of the Louisiana chapter of the New Leaders Council.  Louisiana is consistently cited as one of the best places in the world for amazing food, strong culture and plenty of natural resources. But the Pelican State also has historically ranked near the bottom on many important […]

Guest Post: Sex Workers Benefit From Alternatives to Incarceration in New Orleans

Desiree Evans is the Policy and Communications Director at the New Orleans-based nonprofit, Women With a Vision. The mission of Women With A Vision is to improve the lives of marginalized women, their families, and communities by addressing the social conditions that hinder their health and well-being. Carla is a young woman in her late […]

Programs that Matter: Justice, Civil Rights, and the Violence Against Women Act

As part of our Programs that Matter series, we want to highlight the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which has its 20-year anniversary this Saturday. In honor of the occasion, President Obama released a Presidential Proclamation yesterday recognizing the important accomplishments of the law and the history of its inception.  As part of his remarks, […]

Our Letter of Support for the Youth PROMISE Act

August 11, 2014 The Honorable Senator Landrieu 703 Hart Senate Office Building Washington D.C., 20510 Louisiana Progress Supports the Youth PROMISE Act Dear Senator Landrieu, On behalf of Louisiana Progress, I would like to express our support for the Youth PROMISE Act. As you know, Louisiana currently has the 18th highest youth incarceration rate in […]

Working Toward Decriminalization: Why Having HIV is Not a Crime

On Sunday, Vox put out a report titled “What It’s Like to Have HIV in 2014.” The aim of the report was to highlight some of the pervasive myths about people living with HIV. Here are some highlights: An alarmingly high rate of people believe that HIV can be transmitted through saliva, touching a toilet […]