The Future of Louisiana: It’s On the Ballot

When you visit your precinct this Saturday, October 24, you’ll be asked to cast a vote that could decide any number of issues faced by members of your family, colleagues, neighbors, and other members of your community. Maybe one of your female colleagues isn’t being paid equally to her male counterparts. You might even have […]

Higher Education: It’s On the Ballot

Higher Education in Louisiana has been crisis for the past seven years. Frequent budget cuts, tuition and fee increases, and slashing programs are just some of the major problems that higher education institutions have been facing. Between 2008 and 2015, Louisiana cut per student spending by an outrageous 42% compared to a national average of […]

The Budget: It’s On the Ballot

From the 19 year old taking on tens of thousands of debt to pay rising tuition costs at one of Louisiana’s public university to the nurse who lost her job when the hospital was privatized, fiscal policy set by our elected officials has a direct impact on the lives of Louisianians. When you visit your […]

Mass Incarceration: It’s On the Ballot

When it comes to incarceration rates, Louisiana railroads more of our citizens into the prison system than anyone else in the world. That is astounding and shameful. One in 14 black men in New Orleans is behind bars; 1 in 7 is either in prison, on parole or on probation. This is a moral, ethical, […]

Recommendations on the 2015 Constitutional Amendments

Click here to download our recommendations on the proposed constitutional amendments on the 2015 ballot.

Raising the Minimum Wage

  The bills of average Americans have been steadily increasing for the past half-century, yet the minimum wage has only been increased a handful of times and those increases have not kept up with inflation or basic purchase power. Anyone who’s been working for a decade or more knows that their money buys less now […]

Enforceable Equal Pay for Women

When it comes to ensuring that workers in Louisiana receive equal pay for equal work, our state is not only failing, it’s getting worse. From CEO to minimum wage workers, our country has a problem paying equal wages for equal work. Race, gender, sexual orientation, and many other factors, which should have no effect on […]

Healthcare for Working Families

When it comes to accessing quality health care in Louisiana, lives are on the line. From the mother of two battling breast cancer to the school teacher struggling to keep up with his health insurance premiums, your vote has the potential to change the life of a neighbor, colleague, or friend. You won’t see health […]

Support for Veterans

Louisiana provides numerous services to veterans and military families, but servicemen and women still face a myriad of issues upon returning home. When you visit your precinct on October 24 to cast your ballot in the gubernatorial primary, your decision could mean the difference between whether a struggling Vietnam veteran can finally get housing after […]