Louisiana Constitutional Amendment Process

Each legislative session, a number of bills are introduced that aim to amend our state constitution. The basic process for amending the constitution has a number of steps, which we have outlined in the PDF below. Being familiar with the terminology of the constitutional amendment process, as well as the related procedures, is useful for […]

Campus Sexual Assault: A View from Louisiana

Sexual assault on college campuses has gained increased national attention in recent years. Numerous studies have shown that female students are at high risk for experiencing rape and sexual assault during their time in college. Despite this awareness, campus sexual assault remains a troubling and frequent experience for many female students, despite various policy and […]

Coastal Wetlands Erosion in Louisiana

Over the past century, Louisiana’s coastal wetlands have suffered a dramatic loss of biodiversity, vegetation, and sediment. What has caused this severe devastation to one of Louisiana’s most important ecosystems? While coastal wetlands typically eventually sink into the ocean through natural processes, the rate of loss has been exponentially accelerated thanks to human intervention.

M6 Propellant Open Burn

M6 is an obsolete propellant formerly used by the military for launching artillery shells in combat. 15 million pounds of M6 propellant were abandoned at the Camp Minden National Guard Base by the now bankrupt Explo Systems. M6 is a highly explosive material and becomes more unstable and dangerous as it degrades over time. Despite local […]

Medicaid expansion in Louisiana

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the eligibility of Medicaid was expanded to include nearly all-low income individuals with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level ($27,310 for a family of three). The Affordable Care Act was designed to have those with moderate incomes purchase insurance using tax credits through […]

Homeless Children and Youth in Louisiana

Families and youth are some of the fastest growing populations of homeless people across the country and especially in Louisiana, where budget cuts to domestic violence programs have been pushing more families into the homeless system for the past couple of years.  According to data provided by the Louisiana Department of Education, there are at […]

Pay Equity in Louisiana

Women in Louisiana suffer extreme economic hardship due to both our lack of pay equity legislation for the private sector as well as our refusal to establish a living minimum wage. A full-time single working mother of two who makes minimum wage will earn an annual income that is $4,700 below the federal poverty line. […]

Poverty in East Baton Rouge

Poverty is a tremendous problem facing East Baton Rouge Parish. The impact of poverty on children should be of particular concern. Food insecurity, homelessness, lack of access to childcare, and lack of healthcare all have been shown to have deep psychological and emotional effects on impoverished children. Poverty has also been shown to have a […]