Equality Louisiana: What the SCOTUS Ruling Means for Louisiana

This blog post is cross-posted with permission from Equality Louisiana.  What did the Court decide? The Fourteenth Amendment requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and to recognize same-sex marriages conducted in other states. This is what most groups have called the best-case scenario. What principles did the Court rely on to guide […]

Guest Post: Open Letter to Louisiana State Senators on Equal Pay

Dear Senators, You have the chance today to take a stand for fairness and equality by voting for SB 219 (Murray). Women who make up almost half the workforce and close to 40% of the heads of households in this country are working at a terrible disadvantage in our state. Louisiana is not just at […]

An Interview with Jane Williams about Safe Disposal Technologies

The following is an interview conducted by Frances Kelley of Louisiana Progress Action with Jane Williams. Jane Williams is the executive director of California Communities Against Toxics.  She chairs the Sierra Club’s National Air Toxics Taskforce and also does work with Earthjustice.   She reviewed technologies during the chemical weapons demilitarization for ACWA (Assembled Chemical […]

The Myth of the Unskilled Worker

Kacey L. Rodgers, MBA, is an Instructor of Economics at Northwestern State University.  Over the past several months, the nation has debated the merits of increasing the minimum wage. Part of this national conversation has been devoted to debunking myths about those who work for minimum wage. Despite this, one myth in particular persists – […]

Cross-Post: Taxing the Poor

This brief is cross-posted with permission from the Louisiana Budget Project.  The Louisiana Budget Project (LBP) monitors and reports on public policy and how it affects Louisiana’s low- to moderate-income families.  In less than three months, Louisiana legislators will convene for their annual session. It’s an odd-numbered year, which means it’s a two-month “fiscal” session […]

Cross-Post: Behind the Charter Facade

This story is cross-posted with permission from The Progressive.   Jason France, aka Crazy Crawfish, writes a blog about education in Louisiana. I worked at the Louisiana Department of Education when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. While many residents were drowning in their homes, choking on the oily toxic floodwaters, expiring from exposure on their rooftops, or furiously evacuating […]

Guest Post: Open Burn at Camp Minden Could Have Negative Consequences Lasting Generations

Brian A. Salvatore is Professor of Chemistry at LSU Shreveport.  North Louisiana faces an enormous public health risk from the proposed open-tray burn of chemical explosives at Camp Minden. This emergency remediation stems from the illegal storage of 15 million pounds of M6 propellant by Explo Systems at Camp Minden. This represents one of the […]

Guest Post: The Trees Through the Forest: Helping Motivated, Low-Income Youth Access Bright Futures

Lucas Spielfogel is Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition. Over the past twenty years, unprecedented resources and attention have been invested in helping our struggling public education system improve. But, there has been considerably less notice paid to the best students within the system. I get it. With so much going wrong, it’s […]

Guest Post: Why Don’t We Know Their Names – The Invisibility of Black Women and Girls

This guest blog post by S. Mandisa Moore was originally written for the oyster knife, a blog for women working for social justice on the Gulf Coast. It has been reposted here with the writer’s permission. Louisiana Progress will continue to put out information on the issues of racism, hypermasculinity, and militarization, issues that Ferguson […]

Guest Post: Is Louisiana in a Time Warp?!

Camille Moran is the Louisiana Pay Equity lobbying director.   As advocates for progressive change in Louisiana, we know it is not easy to pass many of the bills we introduce in the state legislature each year; however, nothing could have prepared us for the devastating defeats that we suffered during the 2014 legislative session, […]