Progressive Voices, New Media

Progressive Voices, New Media: a Louisiana Social Media and Blogging Summit hosted by Louisiana Progress went off without a hitch!  A large, lively audience and our affable panelists made the day a tremendous success and we are so thankful for everyone driving in for the event after the terrible ice storm that shut down most of the state.  We were able to live stream the event and have posted the videos of the keynote and all three panels!  Enjoy!

Progressive Voices, New Media Keynote Address

Jennifer Berkshire, Edushyster


Progressive Social Media Panel

Bob Mann, Something Like the Truth

Lamar White, CenLamar

Robert Wilson, Louisiana Democratic Party


Education Blogger Panel

Tom Aswell, Louisiana Voice

Jennifer Berkshire, EduShyster

Mike Deshotels, Louisiana Educator

Mercedes Schneider, deutsch29

Jason France, Crazy Crawfish


Progressive Social Media Training Panel

Zack Kopplin, Repeal Creationism

Lance Porter, Professor of Mass Communication, LSU

Dayne Sherman, Talk About the South 


Photos from the summit!

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