Guest Blog Post Submission

Guest Blog Post Submission

The Louisiana Progress blog serves as an online hub for progressive perspectives and policy discussions. Content is generated by the staff of Louisiana Progress, but may also be written by outside experts on central issues facing our state. Guest bloggers are an important feature of the Louisiana Progress blog, as they help us ensure that high quality, evidence-driven conversations circulate to our readership.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger for Louisiana Progress, please submit a blog post of no fewer than 500 words, inclusive of all reference links, and a byline of no more than three sentences that should contain your present employment position as well as your areas of expertise. For examples, please see the guest posts currently featured on our blog.

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Guest Blog Post Terms and Conditions

All submitted posts are subject to the approval of the Director of Research and Policy. Posts may be edited for style and grammar by Louisiana Progress staff. All posts will be attributed to their correct authors. Authors may also elect to remain anonymous. Posts may not be posted immediately, and may be held to coordinate with future issue themes. Posts may be distributed to the Louisiana Progress email and/or may be promoted via social media, at the discretion of the Director of Research and Policy and the Director of Communications. Guest blog posts do not necessarily reflect the views of Louisiana Progress.